Dry Eye Imaging System
Dry Eye Imaging System
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l Exquisite, high-definition CCD acquisition module

l Drum Magnification: 6X,10X, 16X, 25X,40X

l Parallel type, Galilean system

Superior optic quality, provides stereoscopic and comfortable view

With broad beam, wild field and high depth of field

l Warm LED Illumination, Better Conformity, Longer Life Time

Work 50 thousand hours,and suitable for human tissue.

l Precision Machining Makes Smooth and Flexible Movement

l Brightness Control Continuously

l Interface for laser and applanation tonometer reserved

Information about Dry Eye Module available later.

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Optical Part
Microscope Type Galilean Type System
Magnification Changer Revolving Drum
Magnification 6X,10X,16X,25X,40X
Eyepiece Magnification 12.5x
Visual Angle of Eyepiece 13°
PD Range 52mm-85mm
Diopter ±7D
Visual Field Diameter 10X(22mm),16X(14mm), 25X(8.5mm)
Illumination Part
Illumination Type Tower Type
Light Source Warm LED
Brightless control Continuously adjustable
Illumination tilting 5°,10°,15°,20°
Slit Width 0mm-14mm continuously adjustable
Slit Height 1mm-14mm continuously adjustable
Slit Angle 0°~180°continuously adjustable
Slit Aperture Size Φ0.2Φ1Φ3Φ5Φ10Φ14mm)
Filter Heat Aborption, Grey, Redfree(Green), Cobalt Blue
* Voltage: 100~240V 48~62Hz Compatible

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