Perimeter SVF-9000
Perimeter SVF-9000
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Main Projection Perimeter SVF-9000

20 Years professional experience in Perimeter Market

First Impression

Professional and Precise Perimeter with Pure Optical Controlling System

Stimulus brightness controlled through changing progressive lens position.

High-performance mechanical projection system, can project stimulus points with high precision, there are no restrictions on projection points

Standard Goldmann Perimeter with Complete Functions

Full compliance with the Goldmann standards.

Classical test with white stimulus on white background light test.

Professional test with blue stimulus on yellow background light test(SWAP).

Kinetic and Static Test All-In-One. Cursor size are changeable among Goldmann Ⅰ,,,&.

Auto Eye Recognition and Pupil Diameter Measurement

System recognize OD/OS automatically and alarm to indicate operator,which is helpful to avoid mistake during test.

Auto pupil diameter measured during test for correcting visual error.

Humanized Design of Mechanical and Structure

Neat wiring and exquisite inside.

Each modules can be replaced easily.

Simplify maintenance service.

Voice Guidance

Instruct examinee how to cooperate and indicate examinee during whole test by voice guidance.

* Dicom

Data operation for patient information uploading and downloading.

Software Representation

* Full function test

programs are all

in default setting

Software Representation

* Efficient Test strategies = Reduce Test time + Accuracy

The test strategies fully consider different age groups, responsiveness, visual field defects regularity, and the distribution of the field island, provides faster solution for perimetry testing which is Smart, Intelligent and interactive.

Software Representation

* Multiple Fixation Monitoring system

Trace the reliability of test result

Software Representation

* Classic Test report

Test report in Classic format, can be easily read and understand by doctors world widely.

  • Monocular Report
  • Bincocular Report

Technical Parameter


SVF-9000 Basic

SVF-9000 Pro

DB Value Range displayed


Stimulus Intensity Range


Stimulus Duration Time

200ms/ Adaptive

Max Measurement range


Test Distance


Stimulus Plane

Aspherical surface

Stimulus Size

Goldmann III

Goldmann Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅳ &Ⅴ

Stimulus Color



Background Illumination

White (31.5 asb)

White (31.5 asb)
Yellow (315 asb)

Test Mode

Static & Kinetic

Stimulus Source


Voice Guidance function



Static Customize program

Kinetic Customize program


Chinrest Control

Touch Screen,Keyboard and mouse control,Button control

Head Movement

Chinrest and forehead-rest move simultaneously

PC Configuration

CPU:1.6 GHz; RAM: 4 GB; Hard disk: 120 GB;
Operation system: Windows 10;
LCD:14 " Capacitive Touch screen;
Networking: Ethernet & WIFI;


480mm(L)*430mm(W)*560mm(H), 24 kgs


560mm(L)*500mm(W)*700mm(H), 28 kgs


Input Voltage: AC 100 - 240V,50 ~ 60Hz

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