RetiCam 3100
RetiCam 3100
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Fundus Camera RetiCam 3100
Non-mydriatic Automatic Fundus Camera

*One-key click, picture acquired automatically

*Automatic chinrest adjusting, pupil searching and alignment
*Non-mydriatic, automatic focus and exposure
*DICOM, LAN and FTP are available

Automatic mode

  • Automatic alignment and focusing, getting both eye high-definition images by one touch.

Manual mode

  • In this case auto mode is not possible or special area
    photography, manual operation can help alignment, focus, flash,
    diopter compensation through screen touch

Soft Iighting-advanced optical technology

  • Soft lighting reduces the constriction of pupil caused by the illumination.
    Satisfactory images can be obtained even in two consecutive exposures.

Non-mydriatic design - minimum pupil size of 2.8mm

  • The fundus image can be acquired for pupils as small as 2.8mm in Small Pupil
    Mode, which is appropriate for patients who have small pupils.

135°wi de field - 9-posit ion mosaic

  • Mosaic function can generate the fundus image up to 135°field of view from 9
    images of 50° field width each . More fixation points are distributed between 9 internal fixations shown.

Multifunctional software system

  • Powerful image processing function, aquire lesion area and cup disc ratio easily

DICOM 3.0 LAN \ USB expand port

  • Support DICOM agreement,connect hospital PACS system.
    LAN sharing,any computer terminal can real-time display image taken by host.
    USB expand storage.
    Remote transmission via FTP system.

  • DICOM 3.0
  • LAN sharing
  • FTP

Upgraded configuration , more detail acquisition

  • red-free
  • FFA (first automatic one with FFA in the world)
  • FAF (first automatic one with FAF )

Quality first, HD image

Acquisition modes

Non-mydriatic/ mydriatic

Field of view


Working distance


Minimum pupil size


Focus modes

Auto /manual

Exposure modes

Auto /manual


Auto /manual

Flash Strength

Adjustable accordingly


CCD for MC-100. DSLR for MC-200.

Diopter compensation



External fixation / internal fixation

Autofocus assist light

Infrared LED







380mm ( L ) x 550mm (W ) x 475mm (H )



Power supply

100-240V 50/60Hz

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