Slit Lamp SL-3S (Type D)
Slit Lamp SL-3S (Type D)
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(Optional function for Meibomian Photography)

l Parallel type, Galilean system

Superior optic quality, provides Stereoscopic & Comfortable View

With broad beam, wild field and high depth of field

l Warm LED Illumination, Better Conformity, Longer Life Time

Work 50 thousand hours,and suitable for human tissue.

l Professional & Multi-functional Software With Simple Humanized Human- computer Interface & Easy Operate

l Both of image capturing function and video capturing function configured, Image processing for better Symptoms Diagnose

l Backup patient database easily to guarantee data safety

l Coaxial background light configured for diverse clinical operation needs

l Synchronous flash compensation system, ensure uniform image quality, and reveal the details of lesion even with weak illumination light

l OD/OS auto recognition

l Auto recognition of magnification for captured images and reveal under each image

l One-handed operation to focusing, brightness adjusting and taking pictures

l DICOM 3.0 Available

l Precision Machining Makes the Smooth and Flexible Movement

Technical Parameter

Optical Part

Microscope Type

Galilean Type System

Magnification Changer

Revolving Drum



Eyepiece Magnification


Visual Angle of Eyepiece


PD Range




Visual Field Diameter

6X(33mm), 10X(22mm),16X(14mm), 25X(8.5mm), 40X(5.5mm)

Illumination Part

Illumination Type

Tower Type

Light Source

Warm LED

Brightness control

Continuously adjustable

Illumination tilting


Slit Width

0mm-14mm continuously adjustable

Slit Height

1mm-14mm continuously adjustable

Slit Angle

0°~180°continuously adjustable

Slit Aperture Size



Heat Absorption, Grey, Red-Free(Green), Cobalt Blue

Imaging system

Image collector


Coaxial Background illumination

Eyepiece Splitting Ratio


Synchronous flash compensation system

Camera Splitting Ratio


DICOM Connectable

* Voltage: 100~240V 48~62Hz Compatible

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